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Why choose Premier General Contracting for your next project?

Our Foundation:


The foundation of Premier General Contracting has been built on years of experience in the construction and contracting industry with a focus on staying up to date when it comes to all of the newest methods and techniques in the industry through continuing education for all of our team members, and by keeping an eye on the current trends in the industry so we are able to not only provide what you are looking for with your specific project but deliver that project to you with the confidence that it is built correctly and to built to last. 

Our Commitment:

Premier General Contracting knows the importance of clear, ongoing communication throughout any project. It is important to us that our clients know where we are on their project every step of the way from planning to completion. That commitment to communication is why we use a top notch project-focused software that provides the client with real time access to their project. This software provides an ongoing line of communication between PGC and the client, allowing for immediate updates or change requests if unexpected issues arise along the way, saving time and helping keep everything on track to meet the expected deadline given at the start of the project.

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